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Timber Or Polymer (PVC)? Which Is Best?

Our friendly team when they come and meet with you for your free measure and quote here to help you decide on the material that best suits your home. It can be hard to know what to choose with so many variants of window coverings around but we will make it easy for you.


Below is a simple guide to both wood and polymer shutters.


What are Polymer (PVC) Shutters?

Polymer shutters can be less expensive in some cases than timber and still provide many practical advantages. Thanks to the hard-wearing nature of this material, these shutters benefit from a long life span.



Cost effective – will not require regular replacements and will last for many years as this material will not rot, fade or disintegrate over time.

Low maintenance – this material requires very little care, a simple wipe should they look dusty will be the most you will ever have to do to your vinyl shutters.

Recyclable – should you wish to install a new set of shutters, your old vinyl shutters can be recycled. Although vinyl is a man-made material, it is environmentally friendly.

Moisture Tolerant - Stable in moisture prone or wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens etc ( best option for these areas). Also providing resistant to peeling or cracking in moist conditions.

Colours – this material can be manufactured in a number of interesting block colours and transparent colours.

What are Timber Shutters?

Although timber shutters tend to be more expensive, their beautiful unique grains add an earthy texture that’ll enhance the warmth and appeal to your home. Whatever the design of your interior, you can guarantee that wooden shutters will suit all.


Easy to dust – wooden shutters can be dusted with ease thanks to their smooth finish.

Durable – wood is a solid, hard wearing material that lasts a long time when treated appropriately.

Controls light – wooden shutters block out the sun and the UV rays impeccably, so should you want near to complete darkness and sun protection, wood is the way to go.

Increases privacy – get rid of any shadows or silhouettes of people walking past and feel in complete privacy with shutters that can get rid of those everyday grievances.

Suit all designs – for those that like to redecorate regularly, save yourself some money with wooden shutters that’ll suit whatever project you have in mind next.

If you would like advice at any stage – please don’t hesitate, call our friendly team today.

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